Which Is Greater MJ Or KJ?

What does MJ kg mean?

MJ/kgMJ/kg may refer to: megajoules per kilogram.

Specific kinetic energy.

Heat of fusion.

Heat of combustion..

What does MJ m3 mean?

megajoules per cubic metreMJ/m3 means megajoules per cubic metre where the calorific value of a dry gas is determined on the basis that the water produced by combustion is assumed to be condensed; Sample 1.

What is 990kj in MJ?

Convert 990 Kilojoules to Megajoules990 Kilojoules (kJ)0.990000 Megajoules (MJ)1 kJ = 0.001000 MJ1 MJ = 1,000 kJ

How many kJ are in MJ?

1,000 kilojoulesThere are 1,000 kilojoules in a megajoule, which is why we use this value in the formula above. Megajoules and kilojoules are both units used to measure energy.

How do you convert kJ G to MJ tonnes?

kJ/t↔mJ/g 1 kJ/t = 1 mJ/g.

Is MJ kg the same as kJ G?

kJ/kg↔mJ/g 1 kJ/kg = 1000 mJ/g.

How do you convert m3 to MJ?

To do this:Take a meter read at a set time on a typical day.Take another read the next day at the same time.Then translate the difference between the two meter reads into megajoules by multiplying the figure by either: 38.61 if your meter records cubic meters; or. 1.09 if your meter records cubic feet.

How do you convert MJ kg to J kg?

mJ/kg↔J/kg 1 J/kg = 1000 mJ/kg.

How many joules is 1.8 MJ?

0.1 – 2.5MJJ1.717000001.818000001.919000002200000021 more rows

How do you convert MJ to J?

To convert a megajoule measurement to a joule measurement, multiply the energy by the conversion ratio. The energy in joules is equal to the megajoules multiplied by 1,000,000.

How many MJ are in a kg?

49 MJConvert LPG kg to MJ: 1 kg = 49 MJ of energy from LPG.

How do you convert MJ to KCAL?

Convert from Megajoules to Kilocalories….Megajoules to Kilocalories.1 Megajoules = 238.85 Kilocalories10 Megajoules = 2388.46 Kilocalories2500 Megajoules = 597114.75 Kilocalories5 Megajoules = 1194.23 Kilocalories50 Megajoules = 11942.3 Kilocalories50000 Megajoules = 11942295 Kilocalories7 more rows

How many joules is 22mj?

Please share if you found this tool useful:Conversions Table1 Megajoules to Joules = 100000070 Megajoules to Joules = 700000002 Megajoules to Joules = 200000080 Megajoules to Joules = 800000003 Megajoules to Joules = 300000090 Megajoules to Joules = 9000000012 more rows

How many megajoules of energy is 5000 kJ?

5 MegajoulesConvert 5000 Kilojoules to Megajoules5000 Kilojoules (kJ)5 Megajoules (MJ)1 kJ = 0.001000 MJ1 MJ = 1,000 kJ

How many MJ are in a Watt?

Megajoules to Watt seconds1 Megajoules = 1000000 Watt seconds10 Megajoules = 10000000 Watt seconds2500 Megajoules = 2500000000 Watt seconds9 Megajoules = 9000000 Watt seconds1000 Megajoules = 1000000000 Watt seconds1000000 Megajoules = 1000000000000 Watt seconds7 more rows

How many kwh are in a MJ?

Kilowatt hours to Megajoules1 Kilowatt hours = 3.6 Megajoules10 Kilowatt hours = 36 Megajoules2500 Kilowatt hours = 9000 Megajoules9 Kilowatt hours = 32.4 Megajoules1000 Kilowatt hours = 3600 Megajoules1000000 Kilowatt hours = 3600000 Megajoules7 more rows

What is joules MJ?

Megajoules to Joules1 Megajoules = 1000000 Joules10 Megajoules = 10000000 Joules2500 Megajoules = 2500000000 Joules9 Megajoules = 9000000 Joules1000 Megajoules = 1000000000 Joules1000000 Megajoules = 1000000000000 Joules7 more rows

Is MJ a Millijoule?

First unit: megajoule (MJ) is used for measuring energy. Second: millijoule (mJ) is unit of energy.

What is 24j in MJ?

24,000,000 JoulesConvert 24 Megajoules to Joules24 Megajoules (MJ)24,000,000 Joules (j)1 MJ = 1,000,000 j1 j = 0.000001 MJ

How strong is 520 m3?

The newly-discovered species of Madagascan spider known as Darwin’s bark spider (Caerostris darwini) weaves the strongest known spider silk with a tensile strength of up to 520 MJ/m3 (megajoules per cubic metre) – twice as tough as any previously described silk.

What is MJ load?

MJ is an abbreviation for MegaJoule, which is a unit of energy equivalent to one million joules. … Gas appliances usually detail their energy consumption in terms of megajoule-hours (MJ/h), that is, the number of MJs the appliance consumes in one hour.

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