Quick Answer: Who Is The Greatest Producer Of All Time?

Why are rappers richer than producers?

Rappers have merchandise to sell.

They worked with rappers and got money up front and on the back end.

Their advance money could be big if they were well known.

Producers would get up to 200,000 dollars for one song when a rapper worked with them..

Who are the best beat makers?

Who Are The Best Hip Hop Producers of all time? Top 20 ListDJ Muggs. Classics: Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain. … Madlib. Classics: MadVillain – Accordion. … Havoc. Classics: Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt: II. … Rick Rubin. Classics: LL Cool J – I Need A Beat. … Marley Marl. Classics: LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out. … Just Blaze. Classics: … The Alchemist. Classics: … No I.D. Classics:More items…•Feb 5, 2020

Who is the best producer in the world?

The 15 best record producers in the world right nowJoseph Mount. … Nate Wonder. … Chuck Lightning. … Klas Åhlund. … Frank Dukes. … Max Martin. … Calvin Harris. 2018 highlight: Last year’s winner, Harris continues to define the sound of pop. … Mark Ronson. 2018 highlight: Mark Ronson is another producer who continues to sprinkle funky gold wherever he goes.More items…•Dec 11, 2018

Who is the most famous producers in the world?

The best music producers of all timeTony Visconti. … Trevor Horn. … Steve Lillywhite. … Danger Mouse. … John Leckie. … Andrew Weatherall. … Stephen Street. … Rick Rubin. Rubin was famous for mixing rap with rock in the late 1980s on his Def Jam label, applying his magic to works by the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Run DMC and LL Cool J.More items…•May 17, 2020

Who is the richest figure in hip hop?

Kanye WestAccording to the most recent data, the world’s highest earning hip-hop artists is Kanye West, who made an estimated 150 million U.S. dollars in the year leading to June 2019. Also in the ranking were Jay-Z with 81 million, Drake with 75 million, and Diddy with 70 million.

Who is the most famous movie producer?

Kevin FeigeWorldwideRankNameTotal worldwide box office1Kevin Feige$22.590 billion2Kathleen Kennedy$12.875 billion3David Heyman$11.561 billion4Jerry Bruckheimer$10.625 billion6 more rows

Who is the greatest hip hop producer of all time?

Dr.#1 – Dr. Dre. His style started out as what we might call G-Funk, then quickly moved into gangsta rap and continued to evolve with the new wave of West Coast artists like Xzibit and The Game.

Who is the most expensive producer?

Richest Record Producers In The WorldPhil Spector Net Worth: $30 million.Simon Cowell Net Worth: $500 million.Rick Rubin Net Worth: $250 million.Dr. … Robert John Lange Net Worth: $220 million.Jerry Wexler Net Worth: $20 million.Timbaland Net Worth: $85 million.George Martin Net Worth: $65 million.More items…•Jan 11, 2021

Who is best rapper in the world?

15 best rappers in the world right now in 2021Tupac.The Notorious B.I.G.Eminem.Kendrick Lamar.Jay-Z.Nas.Drake.Lil Wayne.More items…•May 20, 2021

Who is the richest beat maker?

Here is a list of hip-hop’s richest producers.Timbaland $80,000,000.The Neptunes $150,000,000.3.Rick Rubin $400,000,000.P. Diddy 700,000,000.Dr. Dre $750,000,000.

Who is the Best Producer 2020?

Over the last 12 months, hip-hop producers proved just how lucrative the pool of talent is as the beats they’ve crafted have been certified as streaming hits and chart-topping successes….You can peep some of your favorites below.Hit-Boy. … Metro Boomin. … Jetsonmade. … The Alchemist. … SethInTheKitchen. … J. … Wheezy. … Supah Mario.More items…•Dec 10, 2020

Who is the youngest rap producer?

24 Essential Producers to Look Out for in 20202019 was a breakthrough year for several of today’s most exciting acts. … Since dropping his debut studio album Baby on Baby, DaBaby has ascended to hip-hop stardom. … At 19 years old, producer Nick Mira earned himself the title of youngest producer on the Billboard Hot 100 Producers chart in 2019.More items…•Feb 25, 2020

Which rappers are also producers?

Let’s kick the list off with the most famous producer-turned-rapper, Kanye West.10) Kanye West. … 9) Tyler, the Creator. … 8) J. … 7) T-Pain. … 6) Mac Miller. … 5) Eminem. … 4) Chief Keef. … 3) Logic.More items…

Who is the king of hip hop of all time?

EminemEminem has been crowned the King of Hip-Hop by Rolling Stone. The magazine took a look at solo rappers who released albums from 2009 to the present, taking into account album sales, rankings on the R&B/hip-hop and rap charts, YouTube video views, social media, concerts grosses, awards and critics’ opinions.

What Daw does Kanye use?

Kanye Wests’ Sampling Process After making his own beats, they are recorded into Avid Pro Tools. A DAW is still involved in Kanye’s music-making process, but it is only there for recording and not for producing the beats and sounds.

Is Kanye the greatest producer of all time?

Kanye West is one of the greatest artists of all time, and a big reason is that he’s one of the greatest producers of all time. … On The Blueprint and The College Dropout, Kanye injected soul back into mainstream hip-hop with his signature “chimpunk” sound.

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