Quick Answer: What Was The First Song Played On Radio Caroline?

When did Radio Caroline close?

After the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act was passed in 1967, Radio Caroline continued to broadcast from ships until 1991, when the Ross Revenge ran aground off the Kent coast..

What was the first pirate radio station?

Radio MercurThe first of the ‘modern’ pirates was actually Radio Mercur, which operated from a small fishing boat off Denmark in 1958. It didn’t last too long, but was joined by Radio Veronica off the Dutch coast in April 1960 (and which would keep broadcasting for the next 15 years).

How many listeners does Radio Caroline have?

At one time both stations were even claiming more than 8.8 million listeners each. Nowadays, Radio Caroline has to resort to other sources. Luckily, up till the end of last year, the station succeeded in selling a lot of airtime to American religious organisations.

What was the last record played on Radio Caroline?

The last song played, from the recently released Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, A Day in the Life… and then silence. But Radio Caroline announced that it would defy the law and continue broadcasting.

What was the Radio Caroline ship called?

MV Ross RevengeMV Ross Revenge is a radio ship, the home of Radio Caroline, as well as having supported Radio Monique and various religious broadcasters. She was constructed in Bremerhaven in 1960, and initially served as a commercial trawler as part of the Ross Group fleet, notably taking part in the Cod Wars of the 1970s.

How can I listen to Caroline?

You can listen to live online radio from Radio Caroline for free. Apps: we may also list official apps to help you tune in on Radio Caroline’s page.

Who owned Radio Caroline?

Ronan O’RahillyRemembering ‘Radio Caroline’ Founder Ronan O’Rahilly, A Pioneer Of Pirate Radio NPR’s Scott Simon talks to U.K. broadcaster Johnnie Walker about Ronan O’Rahilly, the founder of the pirate Radio Caroline, who died on April 20 at the age of 79.

How did Radio Caroline sink?

Mi Amigo kept broadcasting until March 20, 1980, when, just after midnight, the ship was hit by gale force 10 winds, breaking the chain on her anchor. She drifted for 10 miles from her permanent mooring near Southend before running aground on Longsands Bank, where she began taking on water.

Can you get Radio Caroline on FM?

Radio Caroline is a public digital radio station radio. UK Free TV shows the coverage area for a radio transmitter as a coloured overlay (orange for FM, other colours for DAB) on the grey map.

Did the boat that rocked really sink?

It was the original ‘ship that rocked. ‘ But 40 years ago today (Thursday) the Mi Amigo, home to original pop pirates Radio Caroline, finally disappeared beneath the waves in a violent force 10 storm.

Did pirate radio really sink?

DUBBED ‘the ship that rocked the world’, pirate pop radio station Radio Caroline sank in heavy seas in the Thames Estuary. In a rescue operation lasting 12 hours, the crew of four was taken from the station’s ship, Mi Amigo, after it broke away from its permanent moorings near Southend and drifted on to a sandbank.

Who was the first DJ on Radio Caroline?

Christopher Moore (DJ)Christopher Moore (DJ) Christopher Moore (16 April 1940 – 2 January 2021) was a co-founder of the offshore pirate radio ship Radio Caroline, and the first voice to be heard on the air from that station.

When did Radio Caroline first broadcast?

1964In spring 1964, Radio Caroline began broadcasting from a ship anchored in international waters off the coast of Essex.

Does Radio Caroline still exist?

Radio Caroline was founded in 1964 and broadcast from ships until 1991, when the Ross Revenge was shipwrecked off the Kent coast. The station continued to exist, and is currently an internet and digital service.

Where is the Radio Caroline ship now?

From 2007, the ship was docked at Tilbury, where a volunteer crew repaired and maintained it. The ship has working radio studios, from which both Caroline and BBC Essex have broadcast. On 31 July 2014 the ship was moved to the Blackwater Estuary in Essex.

Who are the DJs on Radio Caroline?

Who were the DJs on Radio Caroline?Tony Blackburn.Roger Gale.Tommy Vance.Bob Stewart.Ray Teret.Dave Lee Travis.Tony Prince.Spangles Muldoon.More items…

Why is it called pirate radio?

Europe. In Europe, Denmark had the first known radio station in the world to broadcast commercial radio from a vessel in international waters without permission from the authorities in the country that it broadcast to (Denmark in this case). … In the Danish newspapers it was soon called a “pirate radio”.

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