Quick Answer: What Is A Rando?

What is creeper called in English?

1 : one that creeps: such as.

a : a creeping plant.

b : a bird (as of the family Certhiidae) that creeps about on trees or bushes searching for insects.

c : a creeping insect or reptile..

Is creeper a word?

noun. a person or thing that creeps. Botany. a plant that grows upon or just beneath the surface of the ground, or upon any other surface, sending out rootlets from the stem, as ivy and couch grass.

Is creeper a bad word?

Look out, creeper! You are a creeper. See more words with the same meaning: gross, disgusting, creepy.

What is Rando app?

Rando is a random social sharing app that lets you play Russian Roulette with photos, GIFs and more. … Rando, as the app is called, offers a crazy twist on our carefully curated online personas — instead of allowing you to choose a photo or GIF to share with friends, Rando will randomly pick one for you.

What does the slang term creeper mean?

A creeper is a weird, socially awkward person who has creepy interactions toward another person. This person often creeps into your social space and is unaware of how creepy he or she is acting. Creepers are usually thought of as males because their presence is more alarming and threatening to females.

What’s another word for unexpected?

What is another word for unexpected?fortuitouschanceaccidentalrandomunforeseencasualflukyinadvertentunplannedunintentional130 more rows

What happened Rando app?

But after a Russian programmer created a script to game the system and upload thousands of identical photos, thus funneling all of Rando’s unique content to himself, the developers shut down the app and the service. You can read more about it in this extensive TechCrunch interview.

What is the opposite word of random?

random. Antonyms: steady, aimed, intended, regular, controlled, purposed, intentional, deliberate, designed, normal, systematic. Synonyms: haphazard, stray, chance, wild, aimless, purposeless, unpremeditated, casual, vague, accidental.

Is random a formal word?

The words casual and haphazard are common synonyms of random. While all three words mean “determined by accident rather than design,” random stresses lack of definite aim, fixed goal, or regular procedure.

What is a Rando on the Internet?

Noun. rando (plural randos) (colloquial, mildly derogatory) An arbitrary person with whom one has no shared social connection.

What does Rando mean urban?

noun. Someone so unknown to you, that you cannot figure out why he or she is involved in the same social activity as you, but it’s great to have them. from “random.” I didn’t even have to call any of my friends last night, I ran into some randos and had a great time.

Is Rando a Scrabble word?

RANDO is not a valid scrabble word.

How do you use Rando in a sentence?

Rando is mulling over what he might do next. “The reading occurred during a blizzard, ” recalled Rando. John Rando directed and the original Fosse choreography was reproduced by Mary MacLeod. John Rando directed the production and Joshua Bergasse choreographed.

What does a Rando mean?

random person: a random person : a person who is not known or recognizable or whose appearance (as in a conversation or narrative) seems unprompted or unwelcome My neighbor thought sure she saw John Bradley-West standing discreetly in the shadows at the 10th Avenue Art Space during Game of Thrones: the Musical, but it turned out to …

What’s another word for random?

What is another word for random?chanceaccidentalarbitrarycasualinadvertentserendipitousunexpectedluckyadventitiouscapricious6 more rows

When was Rando added to the dictionary?

1966Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary is a large American dictionary, first published in 1966 as The Random House Dictionary of the English Language: The Unabridged Edition. Edited by Jess Stein, it contained 315,000 entries in 2256 pages, as well as 2400 illustrations.

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