Quick Answer: What Does M To F Mean?

What does M or F mean in texting?

M/F means “Male/Female”..

What does GG mean?

Good-GameGG (gaming), a short form frequently used in multiplayer gaming at the end of a match to mean “Good-Game”

What does M type mean?

In most cases it’s just a brief introduction of personality,or orientation in relationship. M type could mean I’ll be Ok with your choice of where to go or where to eat. … It could be concerning sexual tendency or even Master/slave relationship but usually just a expression of character.

What is M short for?

m is a written abbreviation for metres or , metre. The island is only 200m wide at its narrowest point.

Why do people type F?

The term originated after a feature in the 2014 release of Call of Duty asked players to press F on their keyboard or X on their controller to “pay respects” to virtual fallen soldiers.

What does F mean in chat?

pay your respects in chatFrom what I understand, “F in chat” has its origins in this Call of Duty meme . So when someone says “F in chat”, it basically means “pay your respects in chat.” … So when someone says “F in chat”, it basically means “pay your respects in chat.”

What does H F mean in French?

homme/femmeThe “h/f” means homme/femme.

What does M mean before a year?

S = student member. M = (full) member. SM = senior member. F = fellow.

What does MF mean in school?

MF Education Abbreviation3MFCare, Special Education, Children0MFUniversity, Academic, Technology0MFTherapy, Medical, Counseling0MF0MfMedical, Personality, Masculinity15 more rows

What does M mean in text message?

M means “Male”. This is the most common meaning for M on online dating sites, such as Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk and Match.com, as well as in texts and on chat forums.

What does F mean in text?

F” in internet slang, is a term that a majority of gamers use meaning 🙏👼 “PAY “ “ “…. …. “ PAY RESPECTS”… it is a formal(slang) way to show flattery after some type of travesty… In the game “CALL OF DUTY: ADVANCED WARFARE”, a funeral took place where gamers pressed “F” to pay their deepest respects.

What does sus mean?

Sus is a shortening of suspicious or suspect. In slang, it has the sense of “questionable” or “shady.”

Can I get an F?

It’s a modern reference for the word curse word “Fxck” and it’s just a way for people in a group chat to share their feelings of apology for the person asking for “F”s in the chat. It’s a question asked, or a thing done when someone experiences a negative event. example: … Person A: Can I get some F in the chat?

What does H F stand for?

AcronymDefinitionHFHalfHFHigh Frequency (3-30 MHz; 100-10m)HFHeart FailureHFHydrogen Fluoride81 more rows

What does MF mean in acting?

MF is an abbreviation for manual focus.

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