Quick Answer: What Does Ceejay Mean?

What does lanisha mean?


Lanisha as a girl’s name has American and Indian origins.

The meaning of Lanisha is “night”..

What kind of name is ceejay?

4 submissions from South Africa and Nigeria agree the name Ceejay means “Gift of God” and is of African origin.

How do you spell lanisha?

Lanisha is an alternate spelling of La- (American).

Is ceejay a girls name?

Based on popular usage, it is 2.269 times more common for Ceejay to be a boy’s name.

What is cejay?

Cejay is the exclusive manufacture of the Phoenix Electronic Combat ID system. Originally developed in 1984, The Phoenix Jr is fitted to more troops and vehicles than any other combat ID system in the world.

What does jonique mean?

God is GraciousJonique means God is Gracious in Hebrew and French.

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