Quick Answer: How Is Your Work Going Reply?

What is the reply of whats up?

“What’s up?” or here (West Midlands of England) commonly just “sup” is a general greeting, you can response with answers like “Not much”, “Nothing”, “Alright” etc.

In this context, the response is just a return of the greeting, or a confirmation that all is going normally..

How is your work going Meaning?

If you simply ask someone “How’s work going?” it’s a general question simply asking if things are OK at work. 2) How are you doing? Is this correct? This is fine if you are asking a general question about someone’s health or just how things are going in their life.

What is the best answer for how is it going?

If someone asks you, “How’s it going?” Your answer can be very short: “Fine. You?”

How is your study reply?

For example, “How is your job going?”or “How did your exam go?” 2. The correct answer is “They’re going well”. Because ‘studies’ is plural, you need to say ‘They’ (not ‘It’) and ‘are going’ (not ‘is going). You also need to use the adverb ‘well’ rather than the adjective ‘good’.

How do you reply to how’s your day?

If someone says, “How’s your day going?”. They might have asked you on a day that you’re doing really well. Of course, when this happens, you should always start your response with… “It’s going really well”.

What is How’s it going?

The idiom how’s it going is another way to say how are you, how are things progressing, or what’s up. The it can refer to life in general, a project, or your day. It should be noted that this idiom is said in many countries with the answer expected to be fine or good.

What’s going on reply?

Unless the person is your friend and asks,”What’s going on?” because they actually care, always keep the answer fairly short and impersonal. Saying, “Not much, how about yourself?” Is usually a good reply.

What is the answer to how’s everything?

How do you respond to how’s everything? Fine, thanks, Excellent, Terrific, Great, Good, Not bad , So so, OK, Not great, Not so good, Terrible, Don’t ask. The last one means, things are not good, so don’t ask … Phrase.

How you going or how are you going?

How are you going would be asked if you’re literally asking someone how they are going somewhere. Example: “I’m going to an island no one knew existed” “how are you going there?” “by helicopter” ‘How’s it going?’ is another way to ask someone how their life ia going and such.

How is your work reply?

If so, you might respond “It was good”, or “Coulda been better”, or “Long day, good to be done” or some other quick, short response that requires no further conversation on that topic. Or is the asker following-up on a previous conversation with you, and they are truly interested in how work was today?

How is your new job going reply?

The default answer is, “Fine. Things are going really well.”

How is your life going reply?

“How’s it going?” is a common greeting in most social situations, it’s another way to say hello. When you say “How’s it going?” you are actually asking how they are feeling. A proper response is “I’m doing fine” if things are going well or “I’m not doing so well” if things are going bad.

How’s your day meaning?

“How’s been your day” would mean either “How is been your Day” or “How has been your day”, but no native speaker of English would ask it in that form. The nearest would be, “How has your day been?” How is your day going? – Asking during the day, before the day is finished.

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