Question: What Is A Womble In British Slang?

What does Raggy mean in British?

(Entry 1 of 2) : ragged, rough..

Is Wimbledon Common real?

Wimbledon Common is a large open space in Wimbledon, southwest London. There are three named areas: Wimbledon Common, Putney Heath, and Putney Lower Common, which together are managed under the name Wimbledon and Putney Commons totalling 460 hectares (1,140 acres).

What does Raggedy mean?

messy, torn and looking a little dirty/ˈræɡ.ɪ.di/ messy, torn and looking a little dirty: He was wearing the same raggedy clothes as the day before.

What does rage mean?

very strong and uncontrolled anger1 : very strong and uncontrolled anger : fury I was filled with rage. 2 : a fit of anger The rude remark sent him into a rage. 3 : violent action (as of wind or sea)

What does knob jockey mean?

knob jockey (plural knob jockeys) (Britain, offensive, slang) A male homosexual. (Britain, offensive, slang) A totally useless person, usually a male.

What is a Womble?

6. The Wombles are fictional pointy-nosed, furry creatures created by Elisabeth Beresford and originally appearing in a series of children’s novels from 1968. They live in burrows, where they aim to help the environment by collecting and recycling rubbish in creative ways.

What does the Scottish word Cockwomble mean?

cockwomble (countable and uncountable, plural cockwombles) (Britain, slang, derogatory) A foolish or obnoxious person.

What are the Wombles named after?

The Wombles (1975) Great Uncle Bulgaria is the oldest, wisest womble. Apparently the young wombles choose their names by sticking pins in an atlas, apart from Bungo who chose his completely randomly. The Wombles’ names were Wellington, Orinoco, Tobermory, Tomsk and Madame Cholet.

Is wombling legal? Wombling is very much a grey area. Some shops have specific policies on wombling, others won’t even know what it is.

What is the meaning of Raggy dog?

Rough; rugged; rocky.

What is a British insult?

Why bother telling someone they’re a dummy when you can just call them a “daft git”? Here are 20 of the best British insults.Muppet. “Get out of the way, you muppet!” As you could guess, this one is Jim Henson-inspired. … Trollop. One of the many misogynistic insults for ladies. … Scrubber. … Git. … Chuffer. … Tosser. … Sod. … Slag.More items…•Apr 14, 2021

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