Question: Is Middle Name Required On Passport Application?

Where do you put middle name on passport application?

All middle names should be included in the “First name(s)” section of the form.

The name provided must match that on the passport, it’s important to include the same details, even if there are several middle names..

Why is my middle name not on my passport?

Any issues, or should I include my birth certificate with my renewal form? Answer: There is a chance that the passport will be renewed with the middle name because it is what is printed in the previous one. The best way to ensure that your middle name is omitted in the new passport is to submit a new application.

Do you put Father name on passport application?

Answer: The father’s name will not be printed anywhere on the passport so it is best that you do not include it in the application form. The details on the form and birth certificate should match to avoid questions.

What do you put if there is no middle name?

The abbreviation “N.M.N.” (no middle name) or “N.M.I.” (no middle initial), with or without periods, is sometimes used in formal documents in the United States, where a middle initial or name is expected but the person does not have one.

What is middle name in application form?

The middle name is the central part of a person’s full name. A middle name will be helpful to distinguish people with the same given name and surname. In the different cultures and regions of the world, the method of choosing a middle name is different. Middle name in India indicates the father’s name.

Can I omit middle name on passport?

Answer: Yes, you can. Although the passport agent has the final say on what name goes in your new passport, you may include a signed request for the middle name to be omitted.

Are middle names required?

Middle names are optional. That said, it is more common than not to have a middle name. Still, your baby boy or baby girl will have a beautiful name as long as you choose a meaningful first and last name or a name that you love. The middle name is not a requirement.

Do Middle Names Matter? … The Social Security Administration does not consider a middle name or suffix as part of an individual’s legal name. But many other legal sources say a full legal name includes middle name. In general, it’s probably best to include your middle name if the form asks for full legal name.

What if there is no last name on passport?

If there is no surname in your passport, stop right here and get your name changes in your passport first before going forward with any application or study abroad process. … The answer is the same, change the name in passport, rebuke GRE again.

Does given name include middle name in US passport?

Answer: The passport application asks for your first, middle and last name. If you completed the form with your full name, then that is what will appear on the passport. The Secure Flight Program recommends that the name provided when booking your travel matches the government ID that you will use when traveling.

Is middle name required for international travel?

“We encourage all passengers to use the names as they appear on the official identification they will use when traveling,” spokeswoman Marie-Anyk Côté told City News. Not all airlines require a middle name on boarding passes. Some ask for a middle initial or don’t prompt you at all.

What name do I put on my passport application?

Answer: You need to enter your current legal name on your application. The passport will be issued in that name as long as it is supported by the ID/s you present with the application.

Does passport name have to match birth certificate?

Answer: As long as you can provide sufficient identification documents, the passport will be issued in the name you enter in the application form. Also, the details on your birth certificate like date and place of birth must match the IDs. You may contact the NPIC at 1-877-487-2778 for more information.

What is first and middle name in passport?

In the passport, there are only two parts to furnish the name of the passport holder. The “surname” appears first. The actual name comes next under “Given name”. Different systems are followed in India in giving a name to a person.

What if my middle name isn’t on my boarding pass?

Even though your boarding pass may not match your government-issued ID (i.e. your middle name is not on it), if your passenger information is correct, there will not be a problem. Bottom Line: Even if you forget to put your middle name in when booking your ticket, chances are there will be no issues when flying.

What if I make a mistake in passport application?

you can correct the mistake and apply again after 3 days. If you are at odds with the reason for rejection, or if the reasons are not clear, you can write to the RPO or register a grievance. The passport office will look into it and the matter will be resolved at the earliest possible.

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