Question: Is DM And Deputy Commissioner Same?

Who is the deputy commissioner of Panipat?

Dharmender SinghDeputy Commissioner, PanipatNameDesignationSh.

Dharmender Singh, IASDeputy Commissioner, Panipat.

Who is Deputy Commissioner of India?

The Deputy Commissioner is the Chief Revenue Officer as District Collector and is responsible for collection of Revenue and other Govt. dues recoverable as arrears of Land Revenue. He deals with the Natural Calamities like draught, unseasonal rains, hailstorms, floods and fire etc.

Who is the deputy commissioner of Assam?

DistrictsSl No.DistrictDeputy Commissioner1BaskaShri Ranjan Sarma, ACS2BarpetaShri Munindra Sarma, ACS3BiswanathShri Pranab Kumar Sarmah, ACS4BongaigaonDr. MS Lakshmi Priya, IAS29 more rows•Mar 24, 2021

How much does a deputy collector earn?

The Basic Pay of Deputy Collector is 67,700.

Who is the first deputy commissioner of India?

Khan Bahadur Kavasji Jamshedji Petigara CIEKhan Bahadur Kavasji Jamshedji Petigara CIE, OBE, ISO, KPM, JP, IP (Gujarati: કાવસજી જમશેદજી પેટીગરા) (24 November 1877 – 28 March 1941) was the first Indian to become the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Mumbai Police in 1928….Kavasji Jamshedji Petigara.”Khan Bahadur” Kowasji Jamshedji PetigaraKnown forFirst Indian Police Commissioner14 more rows

Can a deputy collector become IAS?

A deputy collector in AP will also become conferred IAS within 15 years. So Sindhu can one day become an IAS officer.

What are the five function of deputy commissioner?

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) is the head of the District. He also acts as the District Magistrate, Superintendent of Police (SP), District Treasury Officer, Deputy Director of Pre University Education, Social Welfare Officer, Deputy Director of Public Instruction, District Medical.

Which is the smallest district in Assam?

South SalmaraLargest & Smallest District in Assam by Area# By AreaDistrictAreaLargestKarbi Anglong7399 km²SmallestSouth Salmara568 km2Jan 20, 2021

What is a commissioner?

: a person with a commission: such as. a : a member of a commission. b : the representative of the governmental authority in a district, province, or other unit often having both judicial and administrative powers. c : the officer in charge of a department or bureau of the public service.

What is the salary of Deputy Commissioner in Pakistan?

₨25,000The national average salary for a P A of Deputy Commissioner is ₨25,000 in Pakistan, which is same as the salary offered by FBR for this job.

Who is the DC of Udalguri district?

Dilip Kumar DasDilip Kumar Das has joined as the new deputy commissioner of Udalguri district. He took charge from outgoing Udalguri DC Sadha Hojai on Tuesday.

Who can become deputy collector?

Deputy Collector means District Magistrate (DM) . It is a post for IAS officers or a State PCS officer can fill it on promotion(very rare). To become DC or DM you have to appear in Civil Service Exam conducted by UPSC. All eligibility criteria and process of exam you can know at

What are the responsibilities of deputy commissioner?

1. Monitoring and supervision of revenue Administration as Collector. 2. As representative of the Government at the District Level and in the discharge of his duties/ functions will be responsible to the Provincial Government through the Commissioner.

What is difference between deputy commissioner and assistant?

A deputy commissioner will be the in charge of the general administration and principal representative of the government in districts, while assistant commissioners will do the same on a tehsil level.

Is DM and Collector same?

The District Collector is the highest Officer of Revenue administration in the district. … A district magistrate, often abbreviated to DM, is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer who is the senior-most executive magistrate and chief in charge of the general administration of a district in India.

What is the monthly salary of DM?

IAS Salary Structure, Job ProfilePay LevelBasic PayPosts11INR 67,700ADM/Deputy Secretary/ Undersecretary12INR 78,800DM/ Joint Secretary/ Deputy Secretary13INR 1,18,500DM/ Special Secretary cum director/ Director14INR 1,44,200Divisional Commissioner/ Secretary Cum Commissioner/ Joint Secretary5 more rows•Jul 22, 2020

Where is Vasuki IAS now?

Vasuki IAS current posting is in Thiruvananthapuram as a director collector. But in 2019 she went for a 6-month leave for some personal reason.

What is the other name of Deputy Commissioner?

The Deputy Commissioner (popularly abbreviated to “DC”) or District Magistrate is the executive head of the district, an administrative sub-unit of a division.

Is RDO and deputy collector are same?

Collector in the Cadre of I.A.S. heads the district. … Deputy collectors / deputy district collectors are usually Revenue Divisional Officers (RDO) who report to the Additional District Collector (who is overall in-charge of revenue department for the district).

Who is the DC of Goalpara now?

Smti Meenakshi Das Nath, ACS.

Do deputy collectors get bodyguards?

Body guard is there when you are DM, Divisional Commissioner and Chief Secretary. That is around 5 to 6 years in your career. Rest of the time, no such facility is provided even if you are equally vulnerable.

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