Question: Is Alex Ovechkin Injured?

Does Alex Ovechkin pass Gretzky?

While no one will ever get close to touching Gretzky’s record of 2,857 points, Ovechkin has a chance to carve his name into the annals of NHL history.

Objectively, it seems unlikely that Ovechkin’s goal scoring ability is about to fall off a cliff..

Is Ovechkin back in the lineup?

Alex Ovechkin’s return to the Washington Capitals’ lineup was short-lived after he left Monday’s game against the New York Rangers in the first period and would not return. … Defenceman John Carlson also returned to the lineup Monday night against the Rangers. Carlson missed the last two games with a lower-body injury.

Is Alex Ovechkin retiring?

Alex Ovechkin says he could play up to five more years with Capitals, will retire with Dynamo Moscow. Alex Ovechkin is slated to become an unrestricted free agent after the 2020-21 season when his landmark 13-year, $124 million contract expires.

Is Alexander Ovechkin hurt?

Washington Capitals winger Alex Ovechkin played just one shift on Monday night against the Rangers in his return from a four-game absence before leaving and being ruled out with a lower-body injury. … He has 24 goals and 18 assists in 44 games this season.

Is Ovechkin back for playoffs?

Alex Ovechkin returns to the ice as the Capitals turn their focus to the playoffs. Alex Ovechkin was back in his red Washington Capitals sweater and on the ice Tuesday night at Capital One Arena, in action for the first time since a one-shift appearance eight days earlier against the New York Rangers.

Who is the oldest player in the NHL?

Cullen, a forward who played 21 seasons in the NHL, is 136 days older than the defenseman, who turned 42 on March 18. “It’s hard to believe I’m now the oldest active player in the NHL,” Chara wrote on Instagram on Thursday.

Does Alex Ovechkin have a child?

Sergei OvechkinAlexander Ovechkin/Children

Is TJ Oshie still playing?

Louis Blues in the first round of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, as the 24th overall pick. He then spent the first seven years of his NHL career with the Blues before being traded to the Washington Capitals in 2015. Oshie won the Stanley Cup as a member of the Capitals in 2018….T. J. OshiePlaying career2008–present9 more rows

Where is Alex Ovechkin now?

Washington Capitals#8 / Left wingRussian National Ice Hockey Team#8 / ForwardAlexander Ovechkin/Current teams

How many career goals does Alexander Ovechkin have?

CareerSeasonGPG2020-2021 Playoffs52Career Playoffs141712020-20214524NHL Career1,197730

Is Nicklas Backstrom hurt?

Backstrom is day-to-day with an upper-body injury. Backstrom will not be in the lineup when the Capitals take on the Rangers on Wednesday night. This is the first we’ve heard about an upper-body injury for Backstrom, but Washington is labelling him as day-to-day for now.

How many career points Does Sidney Crosby have?

After 1,000 career games, the moniker can be contributed to Sidney Crosby’s evergreen love for the game and his elite ability at 33 years of age….Leader of an era.Rank1PlayerSidney CrosbyG468A810Pts12789 more columns•Feb 21, 2021

What is Alex Ovechkin’s net worth?

Alexander Ovechkin Net Worth and Salary: Alexander Ovechkin is a Russian born hockey star who has a net worth of $80 million.

What is Ovechkin salary?

10 million USD (2016)Alexander Ovechkin/SalaryAlex Ovechkin signed a 13 year / $124,000,000 contract with the Washington Capitals, including $124,000,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $9,538,462. In 2020-1, Ovechkin will earn a base salary of $10,000,000, while carrying a cap hit of $9,538,462.

Does Sidney Crosby have a girlfriend?

Kathy Leutner: Quick FactsFull NameKathy LeutnerNet Worth$1 millionSocial MediaTwitterFamous AsGirlfriend and Future Wife of Sidney CrosbyMerch of Sidney CrosbyFunko Pop, Jersey, Rookie Card24 more rows

Who has more points Ovechkin or Crosby?

Since Ovechkin and Crosby entered the league, they’ve scored more points than any other players. Ovechkin tops them all with 1,290; Crosby’s second with 1,273.

How many points does Alex Ovechkin?

Alex Ovechkin has played 16 seasons for the Capitals. He has 730 goals, 590 assists and a plus-minus of 75 in 730 goals. He has won 3 Hart Trophies, the Calder Trophy, 1 Conn Smythe Trophy and 1 Stanley Cup….Alex Ovechkin.Born:September 17, 1985 in Moscow, Russia (Age: 35)Experience:16 years1 more row

Why is TJ Oshie out?

On Saturday, he left the game with an injury after he collided with a member of the crew that cleans the ice during stops in the action. Laviolette said Kempny is back in Washington and was being examined by the Capitals’ staff. “There’s a lot of frustration just based on what he’s been through,” Laviolette said.

Will Ovechkin play this weekend?

Ovechkin (undisclosed) will be a game-time decision on Saturday. Ovechkin was missing from Friday’s practice session and the Capitals have listed him as a game-time decision for Saturday’s game in New Jersey. With a 1 PM ET start, monitor his status when they hit the ice for warmups at 12:30 PM ET.

How old is Ovechkin?

35 years (September 17, 1985)Alexander Ovechkin/Age

Does Ovechkin still play for the Capitals?

Ovechkin reached 600 career NHL goals in 2018 and 700 in 2020….Alexander OvechkinNHL team Former teamsWashington Capitals Dynamo MoscowNational teamRussiaNHL Draft1st overall, 2004 Washington CapitalsPlaying career2001–present7 more rows

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