Question: How Do You Get Robo Knight In Dokapon Kingdom?

How do you get angel wings in Dokapon Kingdom?

Angel Wings are a rare item in Dokapon Kingdom required to access the Castle in the Clouds, the only place in the game it is possible to obtain the Hero License (required for the Hero Job class).

It can only be obtained by defeating Rico Jr., encountered as the boss at the end of chapter 4 and randomly after that..

How do I get acrobat job in Dokapon Kingdom?

The Show Ticket is a rare item in Dokapon Kingdom. They can only be obtained by winning the slots at the Casino in Casino Cave. Taking a Show Ticket to Dokapon Castle unlocks the Acrobat job. On the 5,000 gold slots, getting a triple cherry or triple coin and then getting “Great” will guarantee the Show Ticket.

How do you become a hero in Dokapon Kingdom?

Hero is a Job class in Dokapon Kingdom obtainable after mastering Spellsword, Ninja, Acrobat, and obtaining the Hero License. Note: To have Spellsword and Ninja mastered means also mastering all 3 starting classes as well.

What does speed do in Dokapon Kingdom?

Speed factors into your ability to use Field Magic. If you don’t have Speed, your field magic will rarely hit, and field magic is one of the Mage’s greatest strengths. Also, other people’s field magic will always hit you, allowing you to be easily victimized.