Question: Did Stevie J Have Another Baby?

Who Is Stevie J daughter?

Bonnie Bella JordanEva Giselle JordanSavannah JordanSade JordanStevie J/Daughters.

Is Stevie J Joseline baby daddy?

Former Love And Hip Hop star Joseline Hernandez found that out the hard way as a judge has granted primary custody of her daughter, Bonnie Bella, to her father Stevie J. … Stevie J took to Instagram to share his happy reunions with Bonnie Bella and his other daughter! The hit maker is now married to R&B’s Faith Evans.

How much is Stevie J Worth?

How much is Stevie J Worth? Stevie J net worth: Stevie J is a Grammy award-winning hip-hop producer, singer, songwriter, DJ, and television producer who has a net worth of $5 million.

Who Is Stevie J with now?

Stevie JSpouse(s)Faith Evans ​ ( m. 2018)​Partner(s)Joseline Hernandez (2011-16) Mimi Faust (1997-2011)Children6Musical career9 more rows

How old is Stevie Jay?

49 years (November 2, 1971)Stevie J/Age

Who has custody of Joseline’s baby?

Stevie J was granted primary custody of Bonnie Bella in November of 2019. The music producer was awarded full custody while Joseline was given visitation rights. And according to court documents, he no longer had to pay her child support.

Did Joseline Hernandez lose custody of her daughter?

Stevie J. was awarded temporary custody of his and Hernandez’s daughter last August after she reportedly violated their custody agreement. Now the two are co-parenting, and Stevie J. is married to R&B songstress Faith Evans.

Who has custody of Bonnie Bella 2020?

Stevie JJudge Rules Stevie J to Keep Full Custody of Bonnie Bella Going into 2020.

How old is ballistic beats?

30 YearsDJ Ballistic Wikipedia or BiographyAboutIntroCelebrated NameDJ Ballistic BeatsReal NameRicardo LaMarreAge30 YearsSexMale10 more rows•Jan 27, 2020

Is faith and Stevie J still together?

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Stevie J (real name: Steven Aaron Jordan) confirmed he and his wife, Faith Evans, are still together following her domestic violence arrest in May. … Since then, Jordan further shut down breakup speculation with a sentimental message gushing over his wife while celebrating her birthday.

Is Joseline and ballistic still together?

“I Want You To Be With Me Forever” Joseline Hernandez And Ballistic Are Engaged. Joseline Hernandez and Ballistic have gone through a lot together as a couple. But in the midst of all their challenges, including her custody drama with her ex and father of her daughter, Stevie J., the two keep coming back to one another …

Why did Stevie J and Joseline break up?

If you were keeping up with the Jordans on their reality show “Stevie J. & Joseline Go Hollywood,” it was clear their relationship had taken a turn for their worse, especially since Joseline moved out their house and remaining episodes placed more attention on Stevie and his kids than Joseline’s whereabouts.