Is There Gonna Be A Power Rangers 2 Movie?

Is there going to be a Power Rangers 2 movie?

There has currently been virtually no development on the sequel at all, except for Paramount Studios being eyed for a reboot by Hasbro and Saban, who will be producing the film.

It would therefore be fruitless to look for any crew members or possible directors that the franchise may be looking to hire..

How old is Thuy Trang now?

Yellow Power Ranger Thuy Trang died at 27: Original cast remember costar |

Who is married to Zac Efron?

Zac Efron Ready To Marry Aussie GF Vanessa Valladares: Source. Zac Efron didn’t just fall in love in lockdown — he may have found his bride! The Neighbors star is so smitten with the Aussie waitress he met while quarantining Down Under, 25-year-old Vanessa Valladares, he’d sooner get married than spend a moment apart.

Was the Power Rangers movie a success?

Box office. In its opening weekend, the film earned $17 million, coming in fourth behind Apollo 13, Pocahontas, and Batman Forever. It ultimately grossed $66.4 million against a $15 million budget, making it a financial success.

Is Power Rangers getting rebooted?

Hasbro’s “Power Rangers” reboot is getting both the film and TV treatment. First put in development in December, the upcoming reboot of the ’90s-era TV show will now span both big and small screens. … Hasbro acquired the “Power Rangers” franchise from Saban Brands in 2018.

Who is the Gold Zeo Ranger?

Jason Lee ScottJason Lee ScottVoiced byPaul F. Rosenthal Yuri Lowenthal (Power Rangers Super Legends)In-universe informationTitleRed Power Ranger Gold Zeo RangerHomeEarth8 more rows

Which Power Ranger killed himself?

Ricardo Medina Jr.Ricardo Medina Jr.Known forPower Rangers Wild Force Power Rangers SamuraiCriminal charge(s)Voluntary manslaughterCriminal penalty6 years in prisonCriminal statusReleased3 more rows

Why did the Power Rangers movie fail?

Power Rangers is a difficult franchise to make a good movie for. … The movie didn’t do well commercially or critically, ruling out the possibility of future sequels, with production company Saban instead opting to sell the franchise back to Hasbro the year after its release.

Did Thuy Trang kill herself?

September 3, 2001Thuy Trang/Date of death

Did one of the original Power Rangers died?

She was known for her role as Trini Kwan, the first Yellow Ranger on the original cast of the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers….Thuy TrangTrang in 2000BornDecember 14, 1973 Saigon, South VietnamDiedSeptember 3, 2001 (aged 27) San Francisco, California, U.S.Cause of deathCar accident6 more rows

Is Pua Magasiva dead?

Deceased (1980–2019)Pua Magasiva/Living or Deceased

Who will play the Green Ranger?

Jason David FrankPower Rangers Ninja SteelTommy Oliver/Played by

Is Zac Efron in Power Rangers?

Zac Efron will soon voice Rocky/Red Ranger in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers the Animated Cartoon Series.

Who are the new Power Rangers?

Thankfully Hasbro PulseCon and Hasbro Pulse’s Fan First Friday allowed us to meet the new cast virtually and we’ve got all five of them below. Russel Curry will play Zayto, the Dino Fury Red Ranger. Kai Moya as Ollie, the Dino Fury Blue Ranger. Hunter Deno as Amelia, the Dino Fury Pink Ranger.