DJ Sanchez | QueenzFlip: Taking Over The Internet ATM
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QueenzFlip: Taking Over The Internet ATM

Chances are you have seen one of QueenzFlip’s hilarious viral videos online. Whether he is pulling up on URL battle rappers, flipping out in the car to classic songs or countless other pranks, QueenzFlip has certainly taken the internet by storm increasingly over the last four years since his Battle Rap Explorations.

The multi-talented QueenzFlip may have recently gone viral, but the rapper/author/entertainer from Queens, New York has been in the limelight in some shape or form for well over a decade now. He landed his T-Mobile deal of his raps in 2007 and subsequently appeared on major news platforms including Jimmy Kimmel Live and VladTV. He released his highly successful book Inside Da G back in 2011 and established the innovative Quiet Room Battle platform in consultation with SMACK in 2013 which has since featured some or URL’s finest including Head I.C.E, T-Rex, Charlie Clips, John John Da Don and Daylyt.

Over the years QueenzFlip has had memorable heated physical altercations due to his pranks with the platinum-selling Young M.A, Ray J, Cleveland Cavaliers SG Iman Shumpert, podcaster Tax Stone and GOOD Music’s Teyana Taylor when playing various character roles. A strength of QueenzFlip pranks are the reoccurring characters featured that have developed their own related personalities over time, including Big Brody, his barber Kirk Don, niece Aaliyah Marie, the long-suffering QueenzFlip Jr, his Versachhhhaaaa character and more.

His Flip Da Scrip Podcast with DJ G$Money launched in mid-November 2016 and has featured guests including SMACK White, T-Rex, Jaz The Rapper, Murda Mook, Eric B, Conceited, Loaded Lux, Math Hoffa and Serius Jones. Coming up through the battle rap community in URL, @QueenzFlip has established himself along with Fatboy SSE and Boonk as one of the premiere prankster comedians of today through social media. And if his characters want you to remember one thing, it’s that he’s from Queens.

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