DJ Sanchez | Producer Third Eye releases “The Beat Tape Vol. II”
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Producer Third Eye releases “The Beat Tape Vol. II”

Words by Kool B.
Sit back, kick your feet up and chill to the amazing beats created by Adelaide producer, Third Eye.
The Beat Tape Volume 2 released on April 9th 2018 is already his 2nd release of the year. With those flutes and wind chimes accompanied by smooth baselines and funky drum beats, it feels like you’re floating on a cloud, with some dope samples from Q-tip from A Tribe Called Quest, Wreckx n Effect, also with an absolutely hilarious one from the movie Rush Hour with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker and also from the all-time classic NYC street gang flick The Warriors, can you dig it? This album has got a bit of everything, with some good old-fashioned Boom Bap and also some very playful tunes to instantly put a smile on your face.
Some incredibly soulful tracks on this album and I loved how the high hats varied from open to closed on the different songs, it just does something for me when I hear some dreamy tunes over a nice thick snare and kick drum. With a few offbeat tracks in here, Third Eye definitely has an awesome understanding on what’s needed to make dope music to drift away and lose yourself to.
This album was mastered by Stu Dangerfield from Dangerphonics and is put together and executed superbly from start to finish, it’s songs just mould into one another and glides along into a soulful abyss. With some 1920’s New York type gangsta ish thrown in there accompanied by some haunting violin. R.I.P was a standout track at track 18, out of a 22 song LP that will really get you bouncing. This is the type of album you sit down and crack the top off your favourite bottle of whiskey, put some ice in that cup and just drift away and relax to.
After he released The Beat Tape Volume 1 in early January, it would’ve been a daunting task to try and come with more fire, but he’s definitely brought the heat and has set a high standard for future releases. Altogether The Beat Tape Volume 2 is amazing. So go peep it right away.
Written by Kool B.

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