DJ Sanchez | Manaz Ill Drops “Animal Farm” Clip
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Manaz Ill Drops “Animal Farm” Clip

Photo: Admphoto

Words by Kool B x The Lesson.

Adelaide hip-hop mainstay Manaz Ill has come forth with a new joint for 2018 by the name of “Animal Farm”. This track is a showcase of his lyrical wizardry, as Manaz brings his trademark metaphors and punchlines into play to make this a track that has a bit of everything for the listener. With a fat beat laid under his smooth rap delivery, he’s out to prove to folks that he is king of the jungle and he ain’t to be played with.

The accompanying video clip to this song has a slightly fun feel to it, with Manaz posted up in some sort of Forrest/greenhouse, filled with fog and dudes messing around in the background, with some entertaining animal masks on. Which gives it that playful feel, whilst Manaz is spittin’ those bars that will have you running for cover. The visuals to the video are done by ADMphoto and is produced by Hayze Beats, whilst being recorded, mixed and mastered by the up and coming and in-demand DJ Prospeks.

You can catch the million viewed+ Manaz Ill returning to battle rap at the upcoming THCtv The Reunion event in Melbourne on August the 4th, as he battles the UK’s Bobby Rex at the stacked Kogz vs. Dunn D event hosted by Greeley, Fatty Phew & comedian Lewis Spears. DJ Prospeks will be holding it down on the wheels of steel on the night also, as well as the highly anticipated Aerows vs. Skrub battle + more.

Words – Kool B x The Lesson.

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