DJ Sanchez | K21 Releases ‘Any Given D-Day’ And Announces National Tour & Comp
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K21 Releases ‘Any Given D-Day’ And Announces National Tour & Comp

Article by Kool B.

The highly anticipated 12-track debut album release by Golden Era Records signee K21, titled Any Given D-Day finally dropped in mid-January and features the likes of Adrian Eagle, Remi, Rhymefest (USA), Hilltop Hoods, Ikas Millis (ADL), Sesta and Trials of The Funkoars, Joy Sparks (ADL) and MAC Lethal (USA). With an all-star cast of names like this, this was always going to help with what is already a strong album, to be taken to that next level. The beats on this album are dope with a mixture of fast-paced drums with quick rhymes spat over the top of them nicely, to the slower songs like Family and to the more reggae-ish sounds on One Shot. There is a wide array of different styles on this debut, giving it strong replay value throughout.The albums intro Prelude makes you feel like you’re lined up side by side with your buddies, ready to go to war, and K21 is the General who’s leading you into battle.  Flicking his tongue like a lizard with some fast rhyming, precision, and well-placed lyrics, this dudes raps are tight as hell. Produced by K21 himself with the help of Trials, Chris Horrell, Jayteehazard of Elefant Traks and Linkrust (France), the production is spot on. I’m sure a highlight of K21’s would have to of been travelling over to Chicago and getting to write a track together with one of his favourite emcee’s in Rhymefest, on a party joint called Rider.

A standout track is Issue featuring the Funkoars’ Sesta and Trials (also from A.B. Original). This joint is crazy, and definitely showcases some of Australia’s finest hip-hop talents to come together and put their skills on display. So, overall this long-awaited debut album by K21 is a must have and reached the #1 spot on the Australian Independent Record Labels Association charts. The lasting impression and overall package of the album is that it feels very polished, benefitting further from additional work from DJ Faint One, Plutonic Lab, April77 Creative and Vans The Omega.

K21 has announced he is touring this album nationally with dates in April and May with stop-offs including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and finishing off playing his hometown of Adelaide at HQ (upstairs) on the 11th of May.

With his recently announced support-slot competition, expect a wide array of talented locals to earn their own respective slots warming up the stage before K sets it on fire.

Words by Kool B.

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