DJ Sanchez | Gaz Hazard And Crew Drop New ‘The Lower 42nd’ Single
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Gaz Hazard And Crew Drop New ‘The Lower 42nd’ Single

Words by Kool B.
As I was sitting there bumpin’ that new joint, The Lower 42nd, 7” b/w A King vinyl release by Gaz Hazard. The Brisbane native, Signed to highly respected Brisbane Independent Hip Hop label, Karsniogenics. That beat to The Lower 42nd had me feeling like I was lost in space, waiting in anticipation for someone to sneak up and punch me in the face! That punch came in the form of a dark, lyrical spitting session between Gaz Hazard, featuring Lazy Grey + Jake Biz of 750 Rebels, Suss OneOverproof Pete and Simplex of Terra Firma. They all killed it. The film clip felt like a warning, to not walk down any dark alleyway alone or you’d suffer the consequences, of one of the K-Team boys grabbing you by the head and spitting flames into your face. Produced by Sean B and Dj DCIDE, with the video clip shot by Dolan from DFDES1GN and art directed by HAMS, this massive “crew track” was never going to fail, and I really dig it.
The B side track by the name of A King, is on a totally different wavelength. The track is about his homeboy, Brisbane Hip Hop legend who sadly passed away Bezrock (R.I.P.). A somber and well-written track honouring the memory of a close mate taken too soon. With production from Bigfoot, and also Heata from Hired Goons, this joint is put together perfectly and makes you want to sit and listen to it with a beer, whilst pouring some out on the curb for your homie that’s moved on to the next chapter.
I recommend you go check it out and see for yourselves. You won’t be disappointed.
Article by Kool B.

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