DJ Sanchez | DC & Dragz – Coming Up
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DC & Dragz – Coming Up

Words by Kool B x The Lesson

Two emcees by the name of DC & DRAGZ hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, have been steadily growing in popularity since their debut EP release in March 2017, by the name of Goon Sack Boom Bap. Two of Northern Adelaide’s finest young emcees on the come up with the able assistance of DJ Prospeks, we take a brief look at their come up thus far.

The title track from their debut EP is aptly called “The Goon Song”, was mixed and mastered by Golden Era Records’ K21 and is the track that really put them on the map in a more established sense. DC & DRAGZ  started their music careers as solo artists, playing shows at the old Brickworks, even battling each other in freestyle competitions, winning freestyle tournaments and playing local shows, whilst earning the respect from peers and fans alike throughout the local scene and deloping their own unique sound.

Formed in 2015, they signed to local record label N1 Records at Northern Sound System (NSS) and ever since then it’s just been full steam ahead. Supporting numerous national and international acts, including the likes of ICE CUBE, THE GAME, THE FOUR OWLS, MERKULES, RATES, CHRIS WEBBY, DRAPHT, COMPLETE, KOGZ, FUNKOARS, MANAZ ILL, and KERSER among many other talented and highly respected acts. They run across the stage with the energy of a bunch of teenagers who put all their loose change together and ran to the bottlo to go halves in a sack of goon. They definitely know how to get the party started. As they proved whilst they were asked to play the (then named) CLIPSAL 500 last year supporting HILLTOP HOODS and SETH SENTRY among a lot of other dope emcees that played that show.

In February 2018 they were part of the GREY MATTER CYPHER which included a whole bunch of emcees who tore it up including Oddist aka Joshii Kerr, Phat Jamie, Dmoorz, Pel + more. The boys also have a clothing sponsor by the name of Faded Youth Clothing 618. It seems that everyone wants a piece of these two Hip Hop heads, including people interstate, they played a show in Perth in August 2017 and were also nominated for best Hip Hop artists in the South Australian Hip Hop awards. These cats are climbing their way up the ladder and gaining the respect of Hip Hop listeners from all over the country. It only looks like things will be getting bigger and better for DC & DRAGZ. So stay tuned and make sure that if you haven’t already peeped their music or live show, that you get onto them now.

Words by Kool B x The Lesson.

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