DJ Sanchez | CDLC Has Haroolie 2-1 over Matt Klein
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CDLC Has Haroolie 2-1 over Matt Klein

Photo: Northern Sound System.

What’s up guys its Raph & Chris from CDLC and here’s our review of our pick of the night for Real Talk Battles Outcry event held at Northern Sound System, Elizabeth ADL in late January.

In this issue, we cross over to the city of churches “ADELAIDE” for Real Talk Battles’ Outcry event.  In a massive card and Real Talks first event for the New Year the gloves were off! It was difficult to pick which battle to cover, as they were all dope! But! We had to go over

Matt Klein VS. Haroolie 

In a solid 39-degree day it was good to see crowd turn up for this one. It was a hitter!

Round 1

Haroolie came out swinging in which some would call a dog act. He made the crowd very aware of Matt’s strange fascination with his dogs and even Haroolie was jealous of their birthdays in a very comical 1st round also calling out battler “Koz” so it seemed. Klein’s round was equally as entertaining as you would expect from a professional comedian. He started in his element! Punchlines full of class act comedy from Carter Deems ducking him in Adelaide to his beloved fur babies, quote “to not being that young money, to never seeing his confidence Wayne” (do I need to slow that down?)  to the bar of the round. “I don’t have a bucket list, just shit I want to do again”. Both came out slugging but our Round 1 went to Klein!

Round 2

Haroolie hit back hard with solid bars; “I checked his social media to see how he was living, making money off his dogs like he’s the police commission”.  He was aggressive and convincing, he definitely looked hungry and the room felt his presence. The crowd was waking up and reactions clearly heard his performance and comedy had me captivated.

Klein retaliated with “bald jokes being pathetic, it’s not his fault it’s genetics” (in case you don’t know Haroolie is bald) as Mr Comedy hit back straight away his confidence really prevailed! His bar of the round for me was Haroolie’s album name titled “Get hair or die trying!” Adding more heat to the fire. If you catch the replay via YouTube keep an eye on the host spitting his drink at the drop of a bar! Classic material. Round 2 for me too close to call! We’ll say tie!

Round 3

Haroolie hit back with the BAR OF THE NIGHT!  “fuck battle rap and fuck all of my peers, we all know Klein’s (ck) been holding up my balls for years” giving emcee Koz another mention and Adelaide’s own D-Real a piece of his mind this was definitely the round of the battle as Haroolie showed up and showed out in an unforgettable 3rd round, big ups to this man!

Klein started off slow had a few good bars and the comedian again showed why he is a top tier battler. Eventually, the heat played its part as the 40 degrees got the best of Matt that was unfortunate cause this battle was absolutely amazing! Final thoughts the battle was 2/1 Haroolie’s way. I think it would have ended differently if the Stand Up got to finish his act.

Huge shout outs to the Sponsors clinic116, The Spot Barbers Port Adelaide and CDLC Apparel. Big ups to Real Talk Adelaide, the co-hosts Camira and Mythz of 456 Entertainment, all the battlers on the card and Northern Sound System for hosting the event. Massive shoutouts to DJ Prospeks for holding down the decks on the day too.

Till the next “Mic Check” Peace! Artice by Raph & Chris from CDLC.

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