DJ Sanchez | A.Ward Vs. Real Talk Champ Eljay
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A.Ward Vs. Real Talk Champ Eljay

Words by CDLC. Photo by Dwayne Bridgland Photography.

We are back again – this time in Brisbane as Real Talk Battles brings you an international match-up between the current Real Talk Battle League champ Eljay, VS. the man from KC, USA, A.Ward – Mr ‘Run That Back’.

Round 1:


After winning the coin toss, A.Ward decided he would start the battle off and damn this was absolute heat. A freestyle rebuttal straight off the bat, addressing Eljay’s shot at A.Wards religion before the battle began. He continued with his round and bar after bar this man bought his A game from “They turned the church into a club with the bar.” “Now I’m using the bar to turn the club back to the church” (the club used to be a church). His writtens were faultless, his performance on point and the crowd loved it. But “I could care less if you and nicotine (Nikoteen) patch things up – your catching smoke again” was the bar of the round for me, and It didn’t stop there as this man got personal. From Eljay being the real talk champ to him still dressing like it was 2006.


Straight into it, he gets personal with A.Ward’s beloved Jesus, and gets up A.Ward for refusing to use Australia’s beloved word ‘cunt’. Egging him on to say it, and creatively giving him examples on who says it and why it’s ok (hilarious). Eljay was definitely hitting back and this was a battle in the making. His “You better play your hands right if I swing I’ll never missile (miss I’ll) landmine (land mine)” was straight fire. And for me was the bar of Eljay’s first round. As He continued his personal attack on A.Ward’s ‘schemes’ and his ‘running it back’, This round was a close one.

Round 2:


Once again this mans rebuttal game is mind-blowing, as he starts off his 2nd with Eljay’s wardrobe asking if he’s wearing jogging pants or slats. The personals began as he went to work picking Eljay apart with angles ranging from his use of memes of God, to his music, going on to address the fact he doesn’t even get a thousand views a battle. This round was another great performance with A.Ward demonstrating that he’d done his research and came to fight, even making reference to other battlers in attendance at the event.


Eljay opened his round with a jab at A.Ward’s no swearing policy, which is no secret given his devout faith. The round all of a sudden comes to a hault with Eljay forgetting his material, cutting his round short after a short-lived attempt to recover.

Round 3:


A.Ward comes out swinging with a crazy rebuttal focusing on Eljay’s choke, stating: “I know you got the appeal (a pill) but that’s not an easy one to swallow”, painting the picture of Eljay falling into a state of depression upon forgetting his bars and “reaching for the bottle”. As he continued with rebuttaling Eljay’s choke (the crowd went crazy), he recovered the lost momentum in the battle, providing what was one of the highlights of the battle. Bar after bar, personal after personal, this was a great introduction to the Australian audience with a performance high in replay value.


Eljay starts off personal and paints us a picture of A.Wards life, from being poor (his Mum using food stamps to buy tampons), to his Father’s issues with alcoholism. As the round progresses Eljay hits us with some hard truths regarding his own upbringing, displaying a more serious side as he chastised A.Ward for the perceived hypocritical nature of his faith. Eljay showed glimpses of a return to form following the choke in the previous round, however it proved to be too little too late.

A.Ward was definitely out to impress with his Australian debut. We gave him the win 3-0. Shout out to Real Talk Brisbane, Dwizofoz and all the sponsors, SAFE Clothing, Kandy Crooks, Broke Gang and Phresh Tattoos.

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